Richard S. Kim & Company

Bridging the Pacific.

Richard S. Kim & Company, LLC is a management consulting firm providing data analytics, digital transformation, and experience glocalization solutions. Our mission is building intercultural bridges. We pursue this mission by working with small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and public communities to build innovative solutions that bridge cultures. Our specialization is automating data analytics to shape intercultural intelligence, understanding, and decisions. We act on these insights to strategize, implement, and customize glocal digital experiences across Asia Pacific America, Asia, and Pacific regions. Our unique Products + Services model is designed to immediately deliver value and continuously provide expertise at scale. We are a fully untact firm built to work glocally from the “Crossroads of the World” in Queens, New York City.

Richard S. Kim & Company

Bridging the Pacific.

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Richard S. Kim & Company, LLC is a strategic management consultancy providing intercultural data analytics, digital transformation, and glocal experience solutions to small businesses, nonprofits, and public.

Richard S. Kim & Company, LLC는 중소기업, 비영리 단체 및 대중에게 문화간 데이터 애널리틱스, 디지털 트랜스포메이션 및 글로컬 익스피리언스 솔루션을 제공하는 전략 경영 컨설턴시입니다.


Richard was extremely helpful on our phone call discussing website and database options. He was extremely receptive to questions and walked me through the potential options for the type of project our organization is envisioning. I was impressed by his knowledge and willingness to answer all of my questions and concerns, and learn more about our organization and the needs for the project. I would 100% consult with him again on future questions and help regarding our website/database and projects in the future.

Richard joined our organization to update the design of our website… His dedication and commitment to the position and to whatever else was assigned to him, have made him one of the most dependable people I have worked with. Richard exhibits exceptional qualities in his innovativeness and willingness to be of assistance to focus on the growth of our program. He is articulate and never seems to run out of solutions to problems that arise. He also exhibits the professionalism that is needed in any organization.

Richard has a keen ability to both do deep data-analysis while always keeping in mind the big picture and how his findings fit into current workflow… He is a true problem solver that can adapt on the fly to adjust to a project’s changing needs… One particularly great example was his work segmenting our clients based on future potential. He was able to identify high and low potential accounts through simple segments. During the project, Richard was great at identifying specific applications for this new segmentation and gave recommendations on incorporating his findings into the team workflows.


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